We are proud to be have experienced and dedicated professionals leading our efforts around the world.

  • Shachar Zahavi

    Founding Director

    Shachar is an experienced aid worker, manager, and fundraiser who has spent the last 18 years raising awareness and responding to international humanitarian causes.

    Shachar's first exposure to humanitarian emergencies was the Rwanda genocide in 1994. He began a campaign and collected rice and other emergency relief items, built a team and began sending humanitarian assistance to help victims. Shortly after that, he joined ‘Latet’, established their international humanitarian department, and began spearheading humanitarian relief operations in disaster and war-torn areas of over 16 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Realizing the enormous potential Israel has to contribute to the field of international humanitarian assistance, Shachar founded IsraAID: The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid in 2001. A decade later, Shachar operates as the face of IsraAID, dealing with all aspects of the organization’s work, from fundraising to project planning. Finally, Shachar is also a lecturer on humanitarian causes in Israel and around the world.

  • Navonel Glick (Voni)

    Program Director

    Voni is an Israeli/Canadian citizen with more than 6 years’ experience in international development and non-profit organizational development.

    Born in Israel to Canadian parents, most of Voni’s early life was spent in France. After receiving an International Baccalaureat in 2004, he joined McGill University in Canada and majored in Biology. Upon hearing about Tevel b'Tzedek's volunteer program, he decided to go to Nepal for what was supposed to be a semester sabbatical. However, 4 months turned into 4 years, and Voni became the Administration & Logistics Manager of Tevel b’Tzedek Community Development program in Nepal. In addition, he also was a key part of the executive planning team, and served as a Project Coordinator. As IsraAID’s Program Director, Voni’s responsibilities include coordinating all projects, acting as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), grant writer for all projects, website editing, and general administration. Voni currently lives in the center of Tel Aviv.

  • Ophelie Namiech

    South Sudan Country Director

    Originally from France, Ophelie has worked and studied in the fields of international peace-building and development in several countries over the past 8 years.

    She obtained her Master of International Law from Amsterdam Law School and her Master in International Affairs from the School of International Public Affairs of Columbia University in New York. She has worked as a political adviser on Africa and Middle East Affairs at the United Nations both in Geneva and New York. Her main area of expertise is peace-building and development, with a particular interest in enhancing the role of Israel in international development and nation-building especially in Africa. Today, Ophelie is IsraAID’s South Sudan Country. As such, she is in charge of designing, implementing and monitoring the organization’s development programs on the ground. Ophelie currently divides her time between the two countries she is the most passionate about: South Sudan and Israel.

  • Yotam Polizer

    Japan Country Director

    Born and raised in a small village in Northern Israel, Yotam has been a social activist from a young age, and today boasts more than 10 years of experience in humanitarian projects around the world.

    Yotam began his social activism working with juvenile delinquents in a rehabilitation center. His achievements include launching a ground-breaking program to pair Israeli army volunteers with special-needs children, as well as a youth leadership and community development project in Bedouin villages of Israel’s Negev desert.In 2007, Yotam joined the Tevel B’Tzedek’s development project in Nepal, where he spent three and a half years as a Project Coordinator. During this time, he was also employed by the Israeli Embassy as Consular Assistant. As the Japan Country Director, Yotam is in charge of all IsraAID’s projects in Japan, and has also been acting as liaison for other initiatives in Asia.

  • Nave Antopolosky

    Voices of Tohoku Project Director

    Nave is an Israeli artist / film maker with a passion for humanitarian projects.

    Born and raised in Israel, Nave's first experience of humanitarian aid came after his army service, where he served as a combat medic, when he went to volunteer in South Africa with HIV/AIDS communities. He returned to Israel and pursued his BFA from the Bezalel academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Since then he has worked as director of photography with the acclaimed journalist Yaron Svoray in Germany on an expedition to retrieve Nazi treasure (ABC production), served as cameraman and assistant editor with Emmy-winning director Dan Setton on his Hollywood film "State 194" (participant media), and directed 10 short films. Of these, his film "And He Saw The Place From Afar" received the Best-Film award from the Jerusalem foundation and was presented in Montreal film festival. His works have been presented in galleries and festivals around the world, while his latest film "Jerusalem" is a nominee for the CILECT Prize Competition. While pursuing his film-making career, Nave has continue to be involved in humanitarian aid and international development, with a stint in Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake. Today, Nave lives in Sendai, Japan where as Voices of Tohoku Project Director he is in charge of documenting the life stories of survivors of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and building community archives.

  • Keith Goldstein

    Voices of Tohoku Storytelling Researcher

    Keith is a sociologist and avid language learner who investigates social movements and educational programs around the world.

    Keith Goldstein was born and raised in the USA. Besides English, he is proficient in Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and speaks several other languages. Keith obtained his BA in Philosophy, his first MA in Education, second MA in Society and Politics in Israel, and he is currently expecting his PhD in Sociology and Anthropology with a thesis on youth subcultures. His research utilizes multidisciplinary techniques ranging from narrative to statistical analyses. As the statistician for the NCJW Research Institute for Innovation, Keith conducts studies on early childhood to university education, immigration studies, and various other topics. Keith has served as a teacher and coordinator for NGOs that serve refugees, a high school teacher for the JET Programme in Japan, a Spanish teacher on the Peace Boat, and held a variety of positions around the world. Currently, Keith is leading the IsraAID (JISP) Japan storytelling research in coordination with Global Giving.

  • Yael Eshel

    Haiti Country Director

    Yael is a dual Israeli-British development worker specializing in gender and refugee assistance both in Israel and abroad.

    Yael was born in the UK, immigrating to Israel at an early age and growing up in the southern Negev region where she served as youth instructor for the Bedouin population during her army service. Over the past few years Yael has gained experience working in the thematic areas of gender and refugee assistance both in Ethiopia and Israel. She holds an undergraduate degree in Art History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MSc degree in Gender Studies from the London School of Economics. In Ethiopia she worked with UN Women Ethiopia Country Office and Positive Community Impact (PCI), an American NGO dedicated to promoting sustainable development initiatives. In Israel Yael worked as the Relocation Project Coordinator at the Africa Refugee Development Center (ARDC) in Tel Aviv. Today, Yael is IsraAID’s Country Director for Haiti, developing and promoting projects in the areas of gender and youth empowerment as well as agricultural livelihood training.

  • Naama Gorodischer

    Kenya Country Director

    Naama is a native Israeli with Chilean citizenship who has spent the better part of the last 6 years dedicated to improving education in Israel and Africa.

    She obtained her undergraduate degree in Sociology, Anthropology and Education and her Masters in Community Development Studies – Glocal, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prior to her studies Naama worked in Uganda, where she founded a school and community center in Kampala. Dubbed ‘Little Light’, the center operates a clinic, a women's group, nutrition classes, and an after-school program. Naama has extensive experience in the field of education, specifically with youth at risk and victimized populations both in the formal and the non-formal education system and in out-of-home care programs. Today, as IsraAID’s Kenya Country Director, Naama spends her time between Tel Aviv and Kenya, where she manages all of the organization’s humanitarian and development programs.

  • Eyaid Ahmed


    Eyaid is an accountant, tax consultant and government certified financial consultant with over 10 years of experience working in the non-profit sector.

    He holds a BA in economics and MBA in Business Management from Ben Gurion University (BGU), and is currently finishing an MBA in Law from Bar-Ilan University. Eyaid heads an accounting office in Beer Sheva, and has been teaching tax and accounting at Sapir college for 10 years. Since 2009, he has also been lecturing for the BGU Management School's MBA program. Highly involved in the research sector, Eyaid’s research proposal recently won an Excellence Award from the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research in Israel. He is also about to start his PhD studies at the School of Management, where he is hoping to focus on "Employment in the Arab sector in Israel".